Turner Brothers & Quad-X reach new heights!


Turner Brothers based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire are leading suppliers of British built Quad-X ATV machinery.  Quad-X manufacture over 100 attachments for quads for many jobs such as weed control, feeding, hauling heavy loads, or vegetation management developed to perform in some of the most difficult or inaccessible terrain.  Turner Brothers provide innovative solutions to many of the issues faced by gamekeepers.


Over the last few years, Turner Brothers, who is also a Honda ATV dealer, has been working with many local gamekeepers to provide a package of machinery to allow them to manage vast acres of inaccessible moorland.    Although Turner Brothers offer the full range of Quad-X ATV mowers (compact rotary for lawn finish,  Wildcut ATV rotary mowers and flail mowers for general topping) it is the unique and innovative Power Shredder Mower that has got the world of gamekeeping talking.  The Power Shredder range has been designed, developed and tested in Ireland, renowned for its plentiful rainfall, and abundance of rushes, heather and bracken and subsequent tough topping and mowing conditions.  Optimal material flow has been achieved through extensive investment by Quad-X in rotor, blades and deck research and development.   The special double skin body design ensures minimum weight yet maximum strength.  No other ATV mower on the market is capable of tackling such heavy vegetation or of leaving such a fine finish.  

Quad-X has worked with Turner Brothers to offer helicopter lifting points on the Power Shredder Mowers – not a usual request from agricultural, amenities or equestrian customers but a growing norm from those involved in gamekeeping.   This allows the ATV and Quad-X Shredder to be airlifted by helicopter and dropped into areas which would otherwise remain neglected and unmanaged.


Jim Sutton, NGO member is a game keeper in the Peak District, managing 7500 acres of game reserve.  As with most game keepers he faces the challenge of managing vegetation and wildlife habitats to achieve effective management of game cover in difficult and often inaccessible areas with uneven terrain, peat hags and gutters to contend with.  Before investing in the Quad-X Power Shredder mower, the game keepers on the estate used strimmers to manage the vegetation.  This was very labour intensive and time consuming.  The Quad-X Power Shredder is now used to quickly cut rides through the moor for feeding access. On lower ground it is ideal for tackling brambles and rushes on pheasant and partridge shoots and for managing cover crops and scrub.  


The Quad-X Power Shredder allows for more specific management of the game reserve, allowing firebreaks to be made exactly where and when they are needed, rather than having to rely on natural firebreaks such as streams. This precision cutting and subsequent burning of strips allows for the creation of an optimum micro climate for young chicks and insect production.  The

Power Shredder can be used to create more variety in the cover allowing for a good mix of established growth, cleared areas and new growth – all essential in the successful management of any reserve to ensure adequate sites for shelter, nesting and feeding.  


75% of the world’s remaining heather moorland is found in Britain and so it is important that they are well managed given the important wildlife habitat they offer.  Grouse moors are well proven to look after a range of rare and protected bird such as the Black grouse and upland breeding waders. The ring ouzel, lapwing, curlew have a strong correlation with managed moorland according to recent RSPB research. All of these birds are facing serious declines, with managed grouse moors supporting their conservation.


The Power Shredder shreds and mulches the material up so fine there is less litter left behind.  The means firebreaks are cleaner and heather rejuvenates quicker. The Power Shredder also allows for excellent control of conservation headlands. With less ground impact with an ATV and quad mower thanks to low ground pressure tyres, an ATV and Power Shredder gets the job done while minimising damage to young crops. 


Jim Sutton says, “I am so impressed with the Quad-X Power Shredder.  Compared to other quad mowers, this machine is uniquely designed to deal with the difficult terrain and vegetation we face on the moors.  The HP of these machines is impressive and the performance is outstanding.  The Power Shredder gives me great control over habitat management.  The double bogie wheels and flip over axles have never seen me stuck yet”


Turner Brothers can guide customers to identify the appropriate tool for the job and will happily give a demonstration of equipment. Turner Brothers is well known in the area for the vast range of new quads and second hand ATVs on offer and with a wide range of Quad-X machinery, customers  have a host of innovative game keeping solutions at their fingertips.  Debbie Rea of Quad-X says, “We are delighted to be working with such a well established and professional dealership to develop the market for our ATV equipment in this region and are pleased to be able to service the needs of the game reserves in the area.”


ATVs have transformed the gamekeeper’s work load, with their manoeuvrability and accessibility in difficult areas, to haul feed, and allow the rider to easily hop on and off to repair fences, or check traps.  With over 100+ ATV attachments in the Quad-X range, there is machinery to get the most from your ATV, for seeding and sowing, weed control and mowing, feeding, transporting, levelling and more. 


If you have an ATV and need equipment for vegetation control or any other job, call into the showroom at Turner Brothers and find out what the Quad-X range can offer. 


Tel: 01484 682288 or visit www.turnerbrothers.co.uk/quad-sales 
For specialist products contact Turner Brothers to arrange a demonstration.
Alternatively contact Quad-X for further information or a brochure: Tel: 028 2587 2800 www.quad-x.com